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heya! I was wondering if you have a sprite dump available (or just public sprites for use in general)

Im making a fangame based off of this and I was wondering if i could use some of the official enemy sprites for it  

im guessing you might be able to tell the what OTHER game its a fangame of based off this 


I assume I can't get it for free on android even though I got it here?

I love all of it. Well done!

just found you can open gun rounds' .win with the undertale mod tool

also when's the update

im exited welp

I'm expecting some mods from you then! And I actually have been working on the update recently:) It'll still take a bit longer, but I'm getting closer!

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hey I’m glad you’re on the update :D

No pressure though!

However regards of pallets let’s say I were to change sprites do I need to do anything special to get the colour changing to work or do I stick with the pink 

Oh and also where would I upload said mods? My first thought would be but you might have somthing different in mind 

And what is the game coded in it’s not _massivly_ important but it would be nice to know ^^

Ps if you need to tell me anything you can E-mail me if you want :3

It's very fun, although the difficulty scaling isn't great. 

the difficulty scaling is better in normal mode than in easy

Combat is unique and fun. When I saw it was rogue"lite" I'd hoped that meant upgrades would persist between runs, would prefer if they did personally, but I get it's not what the devs were going for.


Since I got the game through Itch, is there anyway to get a code to download through the Android Play store? If not, no worries!

There isn't, I looked into it before cuz I thought that'd be cool but unfortunately there's no way to bundle the different store versions:(

Dang, this really is a fun game.  The only thing it's missing is an endless mode because I don't wanna stop playing.  Great game.

Thank you!:) I'm glad you like it! Endless mode is something I've floated around as an idea for an update, I'm not really sure how it would work. But maybe!

This game is perfect, I immediately bought it on ios and I am fully addicted. Fantastic work!

Hehe thank you I'm glad you like it:)

I'm not sure if this is the best place for this but I haven't really found a better method so far. 

Anyway, this game is flagged as a virus when I try to run it. I get the first warning when I install the game, which is not too alarming, as Windows can be a bit finicky with software it doesn't properly recognize.

However Panda Antivirus completely shuts down any attempt to start the game and claims it has neutralized something called W32/Exploit.gen. What is going on here?

Woah, that's super weird! I've heard people have issues on OSx because of how Apple is with software distributed outside of the App Store, but I've never had anyone have an issue like what you're describing. I did a little searching online for "W32/Exploit.gen" and I think that must just be a false alarm from your antivirus, since I promise my game is definitely not a virus haha I'm not sure why it's being flagged though.

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After digging deeper it does indeed look like it is a false alarm.

BTW, this is a nice little game and I quite enjoy it. For some reason it reminds me a bit of Downwell and that is not a bad thing to be compared to. :)

Yay, I'm glad you were able to play it and enjoy it!:) Downwell was a huge inspiration, when I started making the game I was like "what if Downwell was turn-based?" and that's what led to this game haha

a nicely made, fun little game!

Thank you:)

I think i'll have to buy this for ios too.

Great work!

Thank you for the support!:) I think it's best on iOS tbh haha

It says Gun Rounds is damaged and can't be opened. :( I'm on Mac OS Monterey is that the problem?


I found out from another comment that if you use a different ZIP utility (such as p7zip) to extract the game, it will run once you bypass the security protection for executing an unsigned binary. If you use homebrew, you can just "brew install p7zip" and then "7z x Gun Rounds" or use an actual installer.

Hopefully the other commenter's solution helped, but if not, you could also try the instructions here:

Long story short, it's an issue because Apple doesn't really like software being distributed outside of their App Store >:(


I played this game a long time ago but never gave feedback.

Like everything you make this game is amazing. You are a great inspiration to many people.

One day I want to make games as amazing as yours.

keep it up my friend! <3

Thank you so much for your kind words my friend, they really mean a lot to me!<3 It is a true honor!:)


The honor is that we can have your games, keep making these masterpieces!

Love u XD

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I got this via the Bundle for Ukraine and so far, it's my favorite game out of the entire package. It's such a simple concept but it's executed so well! Amazing work!

Thank you!!:) I'm glad you like my game!


My first two tries I didn't even get to the shop then on my 3rd try I beat the game!

Amazing game! Thank you!


Haha that is some serious improvement. Thank you for playing:)


will this be on steam?

Probably not tbh, but who knows!


even months later this is still fantastic

rly excited for the eventual big update :D

Thank you so much, I'm glad you like it:) I'm excited too!!


What game engine/ framework did you use to make this cool ass game, that pixel work is so impressive!


Thank you!:) I'm so glad you like the game and my art! I made the game in Gamemaker Studio 2, and if you were curious, I made the art using Aseprite. Two very solid programs!


Great game! I'm experiencing a bug on Mac where the first world doesn't have any music (other worlds play music normally though).


i bought this game yesterday on android and it's awesome, kinda reminds me of downwell but its a turn-based game and i love the soundtrack too :)

Thank you so much!:) Downwell was definitely the main inspiration for the game, I was wondering what Downwell would be like if  it was turn-based.


Hi, I bought the game on IOS a couple of days ago and it's a blast! I was wondering if you'd be able to post the game's OST somewhere, whether it be Spotify or Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

Hey thanks for buying my game, I'm glad you're enjoying it!:) The soundtrack is actually all creative commons music, and someone put together a Youtube playlist of all the songs a while ago which you can play here! It actually looks like one song got removed, but I'm guessing that's the Gehenna song which is mostly just scary noises anyway lol

Would anyone know why the mac version is corrupted?. I get this message when opening  

“Gun Rounds” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Bin.

Hey, I know why! I'm guessing you're probably using the zip file Mac version? If so, you'll have to follow these instructions here to get it to work on your computer. The game isn't actually corrupted, it's just that Macs aren't nice to games that aren't downloaded through their app store unfortunately. Sorry about that! It's possible that the .dmg version won't give you that error and you won't have to do any extra steps, but I don't know for sure.

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hi, I bought the bundle for Ukraine, and found this game. and something goes wrong, either the zip file or .dmg doesn't work on my m1 MacBook Air. I have no idea what's going and I'd really like to play this masterpiece.


Man, this game is awesome! Do i need to buy it second time to play on android if i bought it here?

Thank you!:) yes you do, I would bundle the purchases if I could but as far as I know there's no way to do that. But I appreciate your support!

Can't you just include the apk file as a download? I would love to play on my phone

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my game just died




action number 1

of  Step Event0

for object obj_battle_manager:

local variable switch_get_performance_mode(103914) not set before reading it.

at gml_Script_save_game


gml_Script_save_game (line -1)


Woah wtf?? I have no idea what that error message is supposed to mean lol. When did this happen? Were you able to start the game up again and play normally?

yes, i was

i was messing with debug mode...

could that be a reason

i spawned shops and skipped the level then pressed T and it hated it :/

and it happend yesterday


Hahaha yeah that would do it! You should probably expect a crash or two if  you're playing in debug mode, it wasn't really meant for normal play

if possible could i have a spreadsheet or whatever to know what buttons debug modes does 

cuz im so confused sometimes 

and when did you add debug mode and why?

Is it itended that left click spawns lil dudes that can be farmed for intense amounts of combo and money?

Yeah it is actually!

But no lol it is not. Are you playing the latest version?

I bought the pc version and it only happened on first launch, but when i closed the game it didn't work anymore

Hm, weird! Well I guess as long as it's working normally now haha. No idea what would've caused that


Found it on google store by chance, and now I'm really hooked on this. After playing for 2 hours, I checked your Twitter and got excited because there will be some new content. Can wait to see it!

Thank you, I'm glad you happened to stumble across the game and enjoy it!:) I'm excited for the content update too!

Gotta hand it to you, super well-made little roguelike here. All of the games you've made on Itch seem to have a lot of care and charm even if they were made in ludicrous amounts of time. Shows that you really care about what you create and that is inspiring.

Thank you so much for those kind words!:) I'm so glad you like my little games! I definitely try to put my care into my works, I do love making games quite a bit and I'm glad it came through for you:)

I'm having fun with debug mode!


This game looks so polished! Please consider submitting it in our Mobile Summer Jam 2021


Thank you!:) that looks like a cool jam, I'll definitely check it out!

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Just Found A Weird Glitch

P.S Looking in the files and saw the demon shop and its items are in the game how do i access these and debug i'd love a way to access this too!

Haha woooops thanks for pointing that out, I've just fixed it! As for the demon shop, it doesn't actually do anything right now, there are 3 items but they are only there for placeholder purposes, they have no function:)

any idea why this might be?

Hmmm, that looks like it's on Android or iOS. Did you edit the settings file externally? That could be what's causing it


Got to 2500 plays and it just crashed

Is so weird 

Hope ya’ll see this blabberf :)

First of all, that's an incredible amount of plays haha well done! But I tried to recreate this bug, but I haven't been able to. It looks like based on  the error message, the save file is not being found or loaded properly for some reason. I really don't know what could be causing that. Are you playing on Android or iOS?

just seen on your twitter that you changed crack, is this coming soon?

<3 rambino_porkchop

Yeah good eye! Hopefully in the next week or so, there are quite a few things that I've changed:)


Sick! super exited 

also, is there a pride pallette coming

i'd pay for it

i'd love more palletts 

<3 Rambino_PorkChop

Hmm, maybe! I made the pride visuals through a different method than the rest of the palettes work, and tbh it might be a little performance-intensive haha but maybe I'll try see if I can add it in there:)


I just killed the final boss in ONE TURN using Doorbuster combined with Cursed Skull and Symbiotic Clone for a grand total of 120 damage. And although that is a lot of damage, it's not even the most broken build! That would be Flash Sale.

Flash Sale is an attack that deals 5 damage and pierces, which is already pretty good - a lot of enemies in the game will die instantly to this, except for some in the Crypt and all of the enemies in Gehenna. However, Flash Sale consumes ALL of your ammo, no matter how much you have. But you can remove this problem with 1 item: Gun Oil. It'll automatically reload for 5 ammo at the end of the turn if you have no ammo, doesn't use up a turn, doesn't lower your guard ring, and counts as a reload. Infinite ammo for Flash Sale. Even better: Since it counts as a reload it triggers the effects of Bubble and Totem. Therefore, you can get healed for 3 HP AND get a free hit EVERY SINGLE TURN! Since you don't need to worry about ammo, you can ALSO get Mirror, which lets you reflect bullets. Normally Mirror removes how you get bullets from guarding, but since you don't have to worry about ammo, it's free reflection! Plus, if you add Contract, enemy HP is reduced to the point where all but 1 enemy and the boss will instantly die to the attack! This build may not kill the boss in 1 hit, but it's definitely enough to keep you from dying in any section of the game.

I'll be trying to beat Normal Mode without taking a hit now.

Haha I loved reading this comment, nice job with that build!! It's nice to know that at least one person appreciated the time I spent making sure the different items synergized with each other well:) Just wait, I was going to update the game soon with some tweaks and changes before I start working on the major update, and one of the changes is that Asclepius will now trigger a full reload! So if you have, for example, Asclepius and Totem, you'll be immune to any hits that deal 3 or less damage:D

...Wait, wouldn't Bubble just make you invincible then?

Also, I've realized the staggering importance of the number 4 in Gun Rounds. The standard for enemy HP at the beginning of the game is 4 HP. There are 4 worlds and 4 levels in each. The shopkeeper sells 4 items. There are 4 different enemy types in each world. You can hold up to 4 weapons at once. It's very strange.

Nope, it'll only restore the bubble if the player doesn't already have the bubble active. So you have to be hit while the bubble is down for it to be restored! Haha I guess 4 is just a nice round number, works for a lot of things! Or maybe it's secret lore....

Just beat Hard Mode after not playing the game for a while.

I managed to get a build to defeat the final boss in two turns - I dealt 60 damage on one.

Super fun game, would recommend to anyone who likes fun.

Haha that's amazing! My dream has always been to defeat the boss in one turn (it should be possible with Sniper + Demon Skull + Contract, or with Sniper + Sharp Ammo + Contract/Demon Skull) but I haven't managed it yet. Nicely done, and I'm glad you enjoyed the game!:)


Really quite fun. Reminds me of another game I was once fond of but I can't put a finger on what it was.

Glad you liked it!:) if that game isn't Downwell then I'd be super curious to know what it was, sounds like my kind of game!

I think it might have been the gun minigame in Kirby's Adventure


Hi mate!

just finished play oracle chain and flower guardin'

sounds playing the absolute crap outta gun rounds though, handy having anywhere lol

been making this for a couple hours hope you like it :-)

P.S i found out this game has 3 colours

when you are switching pallets the butten turns and a darker colour of the pallet you have on with show up around the box :)

(probably a glitch though)

(An Abyss is the bottom of a chasm lol)

Hey, thanks for playing my other games, hope you liked em:) haha I play it quite a lot on mobile too, according to my stats I've played 219 times (not including all the testing I did before the proper release!)

That animation you made is amazing, I love it! It's like if Gun Rounds was a horror game haha I like the atmosphere you've created:) As far as the mythical third color goes, that is in fact a glitch created by the human brain! The button is shaking back and forth too quickly for the eye to track, but if you watched it frame by frame, you wouldn't see a third color!

(1 edit)

i think my money counter may have glitched lol

things I've found:

when I die on the final boss the colours revert to when I'm on a normal level

Also Is there sevral shopkeepers or just one

because i doubt their quadriplets lol

and is there lore

i'd love to know!


could you by any chance supply a first build of the game or a early one, if not a first release would be awesome, i wanted to remember what GR was like all that time ago (a year XD) but i deleted the file :-(

and dosnt let you download older files for some reason



Edit: how the hell did you get the shield to rotate so cleanly it look sick!

Oh yeah haha it's supposed to turn back to normal don't worry! And maybe the mystery of the reappearing shopkeep is part of the lore... who knows;) but no there isn't really any lore haha I just did whatever seemed cool for the designs of things! And I would love to give you a 1.0 build, but I haven't saved any backups TT-TT maybe I should start doing that!

hi mate

sorry for the late responce, getting my WI-FI fixed lol

and about the 1.0 build don't worry mate :-)

also, how the hell did you get the shield to turn so well and 

i would love a rough realse date for the next update (day, month or even just a season XD)

-Rambino_PorkChop :-)

Haha no worries:) the shield isn't particularly complicated or clever, it just draws lines between a bunch of points, and the coordinates of the starting point is offset by 0-360 degrees (the number is controlled by a timer) so it rotates like that! Hmm... I'm not sure, but lately I've been starting to get back into Gun Rounds development, doing a lot of bug fixing and balancing! So hopefully by winter 2021 or spring 2022:)

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Hi, Been playing since day 3 I think

I was so exited for the moblie relese when the extra content was announced, unfortuantly i've played through every game mode, in english and spanish and still can't find it, anyway I have an idea for a new world or smothing like that I made a mock-up

its not very good but i hope you like it :)

P.S i have no idea why the yellow and red move it didn't look like that is my animation software :/

Perhaps if this were to ever get added (in DLC of sequal) you decend down to the centre (that's whey the arrow is going down instead of left  :) 

Edit: wow i don'y know my left and right 

the arrow goes right in the game not left XD

If blabberf ever see's this

You Are Awesome Man!

Stay Creative :)

(2 edits)

messing in the code found unused stuff

could you shed light on

"pokebole" "onigiri" "Demon_projectile_invis"

"rainbow" and a couple others

and "godmode" with "skip_level" "skip_world"

there is a few unused attacks I found 

Also "destroy_enemys" and "make_it_rain" 


Hi there, I'm glad you've been enjoying the game! Your mock up looks sick, makes me wish the game had more than 2 colors haha. About that unused content, onigiri and poke bowl were shop items that restored the player's HP (onigiri restored 5 I think, poke bowl restored all HP) before I decided to just make the player get all their HP back at the shops with the free sample. "Rainbow" is the projectile used with the "Prism" beam attack, and the other things you mentioned are for debug features I used while testing the game:) except for that invisible thing, which was an old enemy attack that I removed because it wasn't very fun lol

(1 edit)

hey, mate!

thanks so much for replying, that made my day =(^.^)=

also I wanted to ask

what are the plans for the next (Fingers-crossed) update?

I've seen you said there was extra content on the Mobile version of the game could you tell me what it is, and if it isn't in the game yet, can you tell me what plans are for weapons and worlds, I love this game to bits and am dying to see new content


Im the world-record holder for the normal mode and easy mode speedrun :D


my game when ever 

The Shopkeep boss, zap, missile, singulrity, sweep, and doorbuster are used it's dropping to it looks like 10 fps it just lags so much!

any idea this might be

i play on PC, its a relitivly powerfull computer playing from C drive and have nothing else open

i have no clue what is happening 

Hi there, no problem:) The mobile version has a bunch of new weapons and items, but those are also present on the PC version! To name a few, Singularity, Clone Pod, Sweep, Totem, etc. The new shopkeep item drops were also added in that update! 

As far as the next update goes, I'm planning on adding a second world with new enemies, as well as new weapons, items, a new boss, and a new secret shop with its own unique items. I'm sort of in talks that I don't really want to reveal right now, but hopefully soon I'll be able to start working on the new stuff:) Congrats on the speed run by the way, that is wicked fast!!

Also, about that lag... I'm not really sure what could be causing it off the top of my head, but I do want to look into it and see if I can figure out what's going on! Do you mean that the game lags when you're in that specific scenario (fighting the shopkeep using Zap, Missile, Singularity, Sweep, or Doorbuster), or do you mean it lags when you fight the shopkeeper and whenever you use those weapons (regardless of who you're fighting)?

(3 edits)

it is regardless of who i'm fighting unfortuantly, works fine on mobile though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

thanks :-)


perhaps being able to toggle off and on mirror ammo so i can collect ammo when in a pinch when doing a no-hit run, because i can't be reloading then



made full game-pad support on the PC version using steam the mouse sensitivity is a little wack but it works!

its called GunR on steam!


I bought the game on android and its the best premium game of the store for sure :) this game has the potential to be really succesful on steam too, Idk just think about it ;)

Thank you!:) haha I've thought about it before, maybe I'll think about it again when the next content update is done!

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By the way just a last question, is the content update coming to the mobile version too?

Oh yeah for sure, it'll release on all platforms at more or less the same time (it just depends on how long Apple/Google takes to approve it)

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