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This game feels so elegantly designed.

I love how the main goal is completely independent of the enemies; purely just about building the shrine. All the negative effects of 'enemies existing' suddenly turn into resources, like 'spending' health on a turn by not fighting in exchange for building supplies was such a great tactical decision. 

I also love that you're gated not solely by mana like many other deckbuilders, but by # of cards per turn. It felt very "into the breach" if that makes sense.

The card-gating makes it a lot more accessible to plan a single turn, but also much more difficult/interesting to plan a deck. I can say "What are the exact 3 cards I want to play this turn" without needing to worry about optimizing or missing some insane 10 card combo, but I also don't get any "freebies" like in Slay the Spire with their 0 cost cards. This made basically every card addition a much more tactical choice for me.

It feels like each "unit" of content is so efficient. Like, I can imagine once you had the core mechanics in place, it probably felt like the content flowed from your fingertips when you spun up different enemies and cards!

I played the hell out of this game; I really love it. The fact that you made this for a game jam is a testament to how efficient the design is.

How did you come up with the idea for the core mechanics? Do you play a lot of deckbuilders? Is there another game/games with similar mechanics that provided some inspiration?

Anyway, awesome game!

My god. You stumped me at first, but I think I might have gotten the hang of this game. Absolutely amazing, will probably play again! 


Really nice game! I can certainly see this get expanded into a full version :)

Honestly amazing I have hope you will continue to work on it.

Brilliant game, would definitely play more if you expanded on it. Great job either way!


this is a really fun game! if a longer version was released i would absolutely purchase it :)

Very good game!

This game was absolutely amazing! 
I would absolutely purchase a longer version of this.

i was really interested in the setting (and art) for this game, i'd love to see more stuff in the same universe :)

I keep replaying this game over and over again. It's so much fun, even with the limited enemies, cards, and events. Please consider turning this into a full game!

very yes

got this originally from a groupees bundle (build a bundle 33  July 2017, only just got around to redeeming it five years later, lol

This was a really enjoyable little game! The art style was very cute, and I loved how simple it was to understand how to play!

super fun game! i love the artstyle and i'd say the balance isnt too bad at all. I love the artstyle, and the gameplay reminds me a bit of classic 1 player card games! super great, i hope that it becomes a full fledged game in the future.


Awesome game! The challenge is that it's easy at first but the longer you play, the harder it gets. Play too long and you're gonna have a bad time. Nice work on the game, though!

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i wish i have the lore of this game

this is really great - really fun gameplay loop, great mechanics, great art, fun music, I could see if the game expanded it could be really popular on mobile. It's really good!

Honestly hope to see this as a full blown game one day it only felt like a level and if work keeps being put into this then id love to see more levels with maybe making it so you would need more supplies each level to beat it but keep the cards from the previous levels as well with the enemies being harder


A lot of fun, its a great little game!

I love this little gem (I loved it so much to recommend it to multiple friends)! I hope for longer runs though, or even infinite runs :P 

Really great game for something made in such a short time.

i had a lot of fun playing it and desperately trying to build my shrine and i hope you keep working on it and polishing it, Its a brilliant concept and one that i hope gets more content in the future 


Thank you so much! I'm glad you had fun:) I'd like to expand on the concept, we'll see if I don't get distracted by other game ideas haha


This was a delightful and clever game! First run was very tough. We were barely holding on, as we had nine enemies on the board. Got lucky and was able to claim a card to destroy all enemies, and managed to accumulate enough mana for it. Second run went much smoother!

Thank you!:) nice job beating it! Yeah that card might be a little too strong lol but I'm glad you had fun anyway!


I had a lot of fun ! The sound design and the graphics work very well. Thanks a lot for this experience.

Thank you very much!:)


I am spechless , i love this game, i felt happy and hyped playing this game.

Great Work!!! Congratulations!

Aww thank you so much for the kind words I really appreciate it!!


Shrine Of Cards was a nice change of pace from the usually rogue-like card games that have popped up the past couple of months; while it follows the standard "do actions, get different cards per run" formula, the game has a different end-goal: instead of actively trying to defeat enemies to get to some special ending, the ending comes from building a shrine that you must also occasionally defend. As you use cards to get materials to build your shrine, each new turn adds either enemies or special events that can both hinder and help you. Neither of these two obstacles pose a huge threat unless you don't manage your cards right (or if you're just really unlucky with the special events), and as mentioned by the creator, some of the cards really aren't balanced.

While the enemies range from humans that steal your materials or do damage to you to spirits that can steal your life, MP, or materials, the cards completely overpower them in terms of sheer utility; you start off with one damage card, a few healing cards, and material cards. Every 7 days, you'll have a pick of 3 cards. The cards range from more materials and healing to really overpowered things like clear all spirits enemies and gain 3 materials at a time (you need 5 to build a piece of your shrine). Of course, these cards come with MP costs or health costs, but the game feels overly generous at times with how much you have to work with.

All in all, for a game made on a time-frame that was a day shorter than expected, it was done really well! An average playthrough would be around 10 minutes, and I'd highly recommend it if you're looking for a laid back, rogue-like card game

My playthrough:


Oh wow, thanks for the detailed review and the video! I'm glad that you had fun playing it!:)


Neat! Intuitive, good flow, new cards had a fun risk-reward balance.

Thank you:)

extremely cool little game, the vibe and mechanics of it work so well together. nice work!! (and i second everyone saying they'd love to see an expanded edition of the game someday! :D )


Thank you!:) haha at this point it looks like I might have to actually expand on this. Thanks again!


The game is really cool but it's very short, it took me 2min to beat it


You can play it while you brush your teeth!


I would be super helpful to have an end turn keyboard shortcut and not use right click. I've just got stuck on the first turn for a while trying to play (under wine, with a touchpad) because the input stack/game doesn't recognise two finger tap. Using numbers to play cards in hand would also be cool!

Two finger tap?? Are you playing on a touchscreen? It probably doesn't recognize two finger tap because it wasn't designed to be played that way lol but I think I actually did make it so that spacebar ends your turn, I forgot about that until just now!

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Awesome stuff, I'm really impressed by how you've distilled the deckbuilder genre into something bite sized. Also the persistence of the shrine (as a goal) is a really nice innovation. Great job!

Thank you very much!:)

Made a video


Need some more balancing but the core of the game is solid. Lovely visuals as well.

Lol trust me, I know. Glad you like the core though!


This game is pretty phenomenoal. You get the hang of it very quickly and the card design is just so cool and unique. I would love if this would get updates, more cards, more types of gamemodes (like for example, a "survival mode", where you build as much of the shrine as possible until you die), more enemies. This game has so much potential to be something special. 

Thank you!:) tbh that sounds kind of like the normal game mode haha but new game modes would be fun to work on and design!


I really enjoyed the game, it's easy to pick up and highly entertaining. Do you have any intention of working on it further? If so, I'd love to see where it goes

Thank you:) I might, I was thinking I might at least do a post-jam update or two for balancing changes, and I might end up adding a few new cards at the same time

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Amazing little game. Very fun, catchy and easy to play.

The various cards are well designed, the pixelated characters are kida cute and I find the chosen color palette to be quite relaxing to look at.
Also sfx are super crispy and satisfying to hear.


Thank you so much!:) I'm glad that you had a good time with the game! I'm especially glad you liked the sfx lol that was the last thing I worked on 

Thank you really for this gem :3
Also I think it would be super cool to have it playable on mobile. Have you considered the idea of turning it into an app?


good design of cards in monocolor


Thank you:)


nice game

Thank you!


Thank you for the game! It was fun!

The level of polish of this thing is astounding. So much attention was dedicated to small details, like card animations, visual effects, sound design, etc. This is an extremely well-crafted game, a small masterpiece. I feel a potential for a good deck-building game here!

Thank you so much for the kind words!:) I'm glad you appreciated all the polish! It makes me feel like it was worth the many hours I spent working on little animations instead of the main game haha

As some sort of "scoring" system, it might be interesting to tell the player how many days/weeks it took them in order to win.

Excellent game. I'd not read the "Overview" (might be good to have it in the game itself) before playing, so I was a bit unsure as to what I was doing or how it all worked, but as I played more and figured it out, it all really came together for a solid experience. Very good stuff. :)


Haha trust me, if I'd had time I would've put the overview in the game! I always like having full-fledged tutorials in my games, but the time just got away from me. But I'm glad that you had fun with it anyway:)


new blabberf game! its real!


haha don't get used to it B-)



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