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You are dead. Almost. Although your ghost has separated from your body, there is a tiny flicker of life left in your semi-corpse. Luckily, you died just meters away from the Spring of Life, and your body begins to slowly shamble towards it.

 Defend  your body from evil spirits while it shuffles its way towards the Spring of Life, and use essence dropped by enemies to become more powerful!


Body and Soul is a game I made for the Ludum Dare 46 Jam in just about 72 hours. I hope you like it and you don't find too many bugs:) If you're participating in LD46, I'd really appreciate it if you gave me a rate!


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Tags2D, Bullet Hell, GameMaker, Ludum Dare, Ludum Dare 46, Pixel Art, Shoot 'Em Up
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Body and Soul - Installer 18 MB
Body and Soul - Zip 5 MB


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This was very fun ><

This is a really fun game! I really like the art and the sound effects are great. Keep up the good work.

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if only it was longer 5/5



Thank you:)


Fuckin Love It!!, 5/5.

Thank you!:)<3


Awesome game keep up the good work :D

Thank you!!:)


NO Thank YOU for making the game :D


Bro, this thing is really good. Love the power ups and fun gameplay. Amazing.

Thank you!!:) I'm glad that you had fun playing my game!


It was pretty nice bro. 




i can tell you are a good game designer, id love to be friends. Do you use discord , twitter or facebook?



This was really fun, my only real complaint is that the rapid fire weapon makes it really easy to cheese this game, aside from that this was a great game. Hope to see more from you in the future!

Thanks for making the video, it's fun watching people play my games! Ha yeah, I was running out of time towards the end of the jam so the balance of the weapons isn't that great, but I'm glad you had fun anyway!


Awesome job! great concept, the gameplay is really satisfying, and the art and UI are really nicely done.


Thank you, I'm glad you had a good time playing it!:)


The only bad thing is that it ends quickly. Great job.


Glad you enjoyed it!


Awesome concept, definitely a tense situation to be in! I found the game quite difficult. Mobs arrive so fast! But I figure this intended to work along with the upgrade system. Very impressed!


Thanks for playing it, I'm glad you had a good time! Haha I definitely kind of just said "whatever" with the balancing towards the end of the jam so it might be a little unfair


I love your art style, keep it up my man!


Thanks buddy!:)