A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

This place is not a place of honor... no highly esteemed deed is commemorated here... nothing valued is here.

What is here was dangerous and repulsive to us. This message is a warning about danger.

In its search for power, humanity dug too deep. Cracking open the earth above an ancient nuclear waste tomb, radiation spread throughout the world, warped by centuries of rotting. Sorcerers and dragons were created by the radiation's twisted power, and soon dragon riders took to the skies and began terrorizing the planet.

You are an errant dragon rider on a quest to find and defeat the legendary Dragon Lord. Time your attacks well, gather new spells, and soar through the skies atop your dragon.

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(49 total ratings)
Tags1-bit, Turn-Based Combat
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityInteractive tutorial


Windows .zip 7 MB
Windows Installer 21 MB
Mac .zip 10 MB

Install instructions

If attempting to play the OSX version, you'll encounter an error due to issues with Mac security systems! You can resolve this by following these instructions.

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god DAMN the music is so good

good game but cant make it past the first 3 or so levels :-)

great game i loved it so much i was on the battle right before the last level and i died😂


Very cool idea i loved it.

Great game! Like it! Fire orb is overpowered tbh, but still thank you

You done did do it again. Amazing game. Yes it kept me awake trying to beat it... 20/10, would do it all over again! <3 

good design of characters in monocolor

Game soft lock on me when the prism destroyed almost all their items. Super fun game and dont even mind, I thought it was awesome. Just figure I let you know!

Amazing game! Simple game mechanics but lots of fun! Was it developed with Game Maker?

Thank you, glad you like it!:) yes it was! Gamemaker Studio 2 specifically

hey very good game why does pushing s instantly win fights tho?

Deleted 2 years ago

Well, what you're describing is an entirely different game lol, so I'll have to disagree on this one. But thanks for playing!

I've played it a bit more since I posted that and I like it a lot.

Haha nice, I'm glad it grew on you:)

Awesome, i really liked idea.

More gameplay!

more gameplay



It's amazing the art style is really cool pixelart is amazing and looks incredable considering it's only in two colours

Thank you, I appreciate the kind words:)


wonderful game, very clever too

Thank you!:)


Very nice game


Thank you:)


This game is so simple and fun, love it!


Thank you so much! I'm glad you like it:)


It's harder than I thought after the first 4 levels. I love the aesthetic, both visually & sonically. Beautiful game!

Thank you so much!:) haha yeah it gets difficult pretty fast, depending on the random generation. It's a little off-balance since it was made in just 2 days


music slaps game is fun thank you for making this 

Thank YOU for playing it!:)


Simple gameplay mechanics, clean presentation. Good job bro!

Thank you so much!:)


Always bro. Keep up with the good job!


Simple and fun! I love it

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it:)


This was fun to play through!


Thank you!:) I think this is the jam game I'm most proud of!


Love it


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you had fun!:)


i had an absolute blast playing this and the amazing music makes it even better, can't believe this was made in 48 hours well done. 


Thank you so much!:) The music is by Mid Air Machine, they're amazing aren't they? Really great at creating atmosphere!


I would love to see this game get local co op in the future

SO HYPE when I played this on stream 


I made it to the dragon lord with an op build and took him out 1st turn.


Amazing game but sadly I got a glitch halfway through where my opponent  got stuck and wouldn't pass the turn. The graphics are ridiculously cool though and the gameplay is very clever!


Haha aw man, I guess that's what happens when you make a game in 48 hours! But I'm glad that you were having a good time before you encountered that bug:)


For some reason when I try to open the mac version it just says

'“Dueling Dragons” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.'

This game looks great and would love to try it so can you please try to fix this. Thank you and have a great day.

(1 edit) (+2)

Hi there, I'm glad you're interested in playing! On the game's page above the download links I have noted that there is an issue with OSx (which I can't do anything about) that can be fixed with these instructions: https://help.yoyogames.com/hc/en-us/articles/216753558-Mac-app-damaged-when-down...


Thank you very much. I've just started playing and I'm having a lot of fun! All the upgrades are great & unique and the game is getting quite challenging. All in all great game, and thanks for making it I guess.


No problem! Thanks for giving it a play, I'm happy that you're having a good time with it:)


Another slam dunk winner after Gun Rounds! Lovely little gem here 🙌


Thank you so much!:) I'm really glad you enjoyed the game, both of them!


Very simple but very fun! I really like the gameboy style :)


Thank you, glad you had fun!:)

Made a video


Nice video, it was fun to watch! Thanks for posting:)

Happy you enjoyed the video 


Your games are all so amazing!


You're too kind, thank you so much!:)


Interesting Concept and well thought out design! Truely amazing!

Thank you very much!:)

I absolutely LOVE dragons, I didnt try the game yet, but this premise and the animation hooked me up!

Haha well I hope when you try it you have fun!


Btw imagine if this was a multiplayer "deckbuilding" game, that'd actually be really cool

The game is already insanely good as it is though! especially for a jam game, that's crazy


Haha thank you! I'm glad you like it:)

Lighting op plz nerf

it is, i legit just killed the final boss first round