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Really quite fun. Reminds me of another game I was once fond of but I can't put a finger on what it was.

Glad you liked it!:) if that game isn't Downwell then I'd be super curious to know what it was, sounds like my kind of game!

I think it might have been the gun minigame in Kirby's Adventure


Hi mate!

just finished play oracle chain and flower guardin'

sounds playing the absolute crap outta gun rounds though, handy having anywhere lol

been making this for a couple hours hope you like it :-)

P.S i found out this game has 3 colours

when you are switching pallets the butten turns and a darker colour of the pallet you have on with show up around the box :)

(probably a glitch though)

(An Abyss is the bottom of a chasm lol)

Hey, thanks for playing my other games, hope you liked em:) haha I play it quite a lot on mobile too, according to my stats I've played 219 times (not including all the testing I did before the proper release!)

That animation you made is amazing, I love it! It's like if Gun Rounds was a horror game haha I like the atmosphere you've created:) As far as the mythical third color goes, that is in fact a glitch created by the human brain! The button is shaking back and forth too quickly for the eye to track, but if you watched it frame by frame, you wouldn't see a third color!

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i think my money counter may have glitched lol

things I've found:

when I die on the final boss the colours revert to when I'm on a normal level

Also Is there sevral shopkeepers or just one

because i doubt their quadriplets lol

and is there lore

i'd love to know!


could you by any chance supply a first build of the game or a early one, if not a first release would be awesome, i wanted to remember what GR was like all that time ago (a year XD) but i deleted the file :-(

and dosnt let you download older files for some reason



Edit: how the hell did you get the shield to rotate so cleanly it look sick!

Oh yeah haha it's supposed to turn back to normal don't worry! And maybe the mystery of the reappearing shopkeep is part of the lore... who knows;) but no there isn't really any lore haha I just did whatever seemed cool for the designs of things! And I would love to give you a 1.0 build, but I haven't saved any backups TT-TT maybe I should start doing that!

hi mate

sorry for the late responce, getting my WI-FI fixed lol

and about the 1.0 build don't worry mate :-)

also, how the hell did you get the shield to turn so well and 

i would love a rough realse date for the next update (day, month or even just a season XD)

-Rambino_PorkChop :-)

Haha no worries:) the shield isn't particularly complicated or clever, it just draws lines between a bunch of points, and the coordinates of the starting point is offset by 0-360 degrees (the number is controlled by a timer) so it rotates like that! Hmm... I'm not sure, but lately I've been starting to get back into Gun Rounds development, doing a lot of bug fixing and balancing! So hopefully by winter 2021 or spring 2022:)

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Hi, Been playing since day 3 I think

I was so exited for the moblie relese when the extra content was announced, unfortuantly i've played through every game mode, in english and spanish and still can't find it, anyway I have an idea for a new world or smothing like that I made a mock-up

its not very good but i hope you like it :)

P.S i have no idea why the yellow and red move it didn't look like that is my animation software :/

Perhaps if this were to ever get added (in DLC of sequal) you decend down to the centre (that's whey the arrow is going down instead of left  :) 

Edit: wow i don'y know my left and right 

the arrow goes right in the game not left XD

If blabberf ever see's this

You Are Awesome Man!

Stay Creative :)

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messing in the code found unused stuff

could you shed light on

"pokebole" "onigiri" "Demon_projectile_invis"

"rainbow" and a couple others

and "godmode" with "skip_level" "skip_world"

there is a few unused attacks I found 

Also "destroy_enemys" and "make_it_rain" 


Hi there, I'm glad you've been enjoying the game! Your mock up looks sick, makes me wish the game had more than 2 colors haha. About that unused content, onigiri and poke bowl were shop items that restored the player's HP (onigiri restored 5 I think, poke bowl restored all HP) before I decided to just make the player get all their HP back at the shops with the free sample. "Rainbow" is the projectile used with the "Prism" beam attack, and the other things you mentioned are for debug features I used while testing the game:) except for that invisible thing, which was an old enemy attack that I removed because it wasn't very fun lol

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hey, mate!

thanks so much for replying, that made my day =(^.^)=

also I wanted to ask

what are the plans for the next (Fingers-crossed) update?

I've seen you said there was extra content on the Mobile version of the game could you tell me what it is, and if it isn't in the game yet, can you tell me what plans are for weapons and worlds, I love this game to bits and am dying to see new content


Im the world-record holder for the normal mode and easy mode speedrun :D


my game when ever 

The Shopkeep boss, zap, missile, singulrity, sweep, and doorbuster are used it's dropping to it looks like 10 fps it just lags so much!

any idea this might be

i play on PC, its a relitivly powerfull computer playing from C drive and have nothing else open

i have no clue what is happening 

Hi there, no problem:) The mobile version has a bunch of new weapons and items, but those are also present on the PC version! To name a few, Singularity, Clone Pod, Sweep, Totem, etc. The new shopkeep item drops were also added in that update! 

As far as the next update goes, I'm planning on adding a second world with new enemies, as well as new weapons, items, a new boss, and a new secret shop with its own unique items. I'm sort of in talks that I don't really want to reveal right now, but hopefully soon I'll be able to start working on the new stuff:) Congrats on the speed run by the way, that is wicked fast!!

Also, about that lag... I'm not really sure what could be causing it off the top of my head, but I do want to look into it and see if I can figure out what's going on! Do you mean that the game lags when you're in that specific scenario (fighting the shopkeep using Zap, Missile, Singularity, Sweep, or Doorbuster), or do you mean it lags when you fight the shopkeeper and whenever you use those weapons (regardless of who you're fighting)?

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it is regardless of who i'm fighting unfortuantly, works fine on mobile though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

thanks :-)


perhaps being able to toggle off and on mirror ammo so i can collect ammo when in a pinch when doing a no-hit run, because i can't be reloading then



made full game-pad support on the PC version using steam the mouse sensitivity is a little wack but it works!

its called GunR on steam!


I bought the game on android and its the best premium game of the store for sure :) this game has the potential to be really succesful on steam too, Idk just think about it ;)

Thank you!:) haha I've thought about it before, maybe I'll think about it again when the next content update is done!

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By the way just a last question, is the content update coming to the mobile version too?

Oh yeah for sure, it'll release on all platforms at more or less the same time (it just depends on how long Apple/Google takes to approve it)


I finally beat the normal mode ^^ it was very cool, I loved it!

Woo, nice job!! Thank you so much for giving it a play, I'm glad you enjoyed it:) <3

hi, please add a Linux version


Maybe some day!:)

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I enjoyed Gun Rounds so much I added it to my Hidden Gems Series :)

A like/subscribe would be a huge help to continue these. <3 Enjoy your day!

I was playing the game and then, randomly, upon booting the game once I got a fatal error! I reinstalled the game and it still came up! I'm assuming it has something to do with save data, but I can't actually find the save data. Oh yeah, awesome game by the way, but this error has prevented me from playing it for a week. The error itself is something along the lines of "fatal error in room creation code for room 0, expected some number (yygi32) etc.".

Oh shit! Well hopefully you were enjoying the game up until that happened lol. That is really weird, I don't think I've encountered that error before. If you take a screenshot of the error screen I can try to help you fix it, but like you said, it probably has something to do with the save data. If you go to your Appdata folder (C:/Users/[your name]/Appdata/Local), there should be a folder called Gun_Rounds, and if you delete savegame.sav from the folder and try restart the game, that might fix it. Fingers crossed!


Thanks, it worked!

No problem, glad I could help:)


Hey just wanted to let you know I have been playing this for a few months on iOS. I started playing easy mode today just so I could advance and wow! Amazing. Love it. Don’t want to spoil anything here, but the design reminds me of Junji Ito. 

Thank you for the kind words!:) Junji Ito has got to be one of my favorite horror writers of all time, so it means a lot!


Commented when I first downloaded 8 months ago, commenting again now because the game is still absolutely amazing, and even better since I last played it. There's still some balancing issues, but overall it's much more balanced then when I last played. I also love the addition of easy mode. I beat the game without it the first time, but frankly sometimes I like to sit back and just relax a bit. Still one of my favorite games in recent memory :)

Thank you so much, comments like these make the hard work feel worth it!:)

unlock spoiler, but...

are the hardmode enemies supposed to pull semirandom attacks out of their butts on a regular basis?

(I'd strongly recommend changing it to just be increased damage and a new attack or two for each enemy.)

(1 edit)

*more unlock spoilers*

Yes they are, each enemy gets 1 attack from another enemy randomly added to their arsenal in hard mode! I hear you, I know that some people aren't fans of that, but I personally have a ton of fun with it and most of the feedback I've gotten on it has been positive. Maybe you'll like the next new game mode better:)


what if when you beat normal mode, you unlocked:

a) a traditional hardmode where enemies have a bit more hp and new tougher patterns

b) whatever else you're planning, idk but knowing this game it's gonna be fantastic

but when you beat hardmode, in addition to just difficulties you get a customization menu with options like randomization (for stuff like guns, items, enemies, enemy attacks...) and attack pattern speed

that way beating normal mode gives a logical hardmode that fits its name more, but beating that hardmode gives even more replayability to ANY difficulty instead of "oh wait guess I beat everything now"

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ah yes the six out of ten here is made out of eleven

Little visual bug in the newer versions. I don't remember this occurring in the older ones, so I assume it's only in the new ones.

Likely explanation is that the visual ammo counter tracks how many bullets have been fired instead of just how much ammo has been depleted, and weapons like Burst fire multiple standard bullet projectiles.

Ooo my favorite bug. Don't worry, I'm aware of this, and in fact has already been fixed, I just haven't gotten around to pushing an updated version yet haha. If you're curious, the issue was actually with the quick restart feature: the HUD ammo counter simply doesn't get reset when quick restarting!

oh yeah that makes sense

now I'm imagining a joke item that's absurdly cheap like $10 and allegedly triples your ammo regain from blocking but the extra ammo gained is purely visual


I got this game in a bundle and I am so glad that I found it! It's great fun, you did a really good job!!


Thank you for supporting BLM, and I'm glad you enjoyed my game!:)

Really cool game. Reminds me a lot of Downwell which I really like. And I can clearly see that you take inspiration from it. I usually don't like turn based game, but this one is pretty good because of the mechanics. Needs a little balancing over some weapons, but overall it's a really solid game. 

Loving the mobile version! It seems to be a bit harder than I remember on the PC version, but that could be just the change in platform. It seems that sometimes my taps aren't registering properly, but that too could just be my dislike of touch screens lol.

Keep up the awesome work!

Thanks for picking up the mobile version!:) Haha believe it or not, I actually made the mobile version slightly easier in comparison to the PC, in terms of decreasing enemy projectile speed. Like you said, for some reason it just feels harder on touchscreen! My theory is that it's easier on PC because you can just have your finger resting right on the mouse button ready to go, but you can't really do that for touch screen. Anyway, thanks again!:)


bought this on mobile too :)

Thank you, I appreciate the support!:)


now that I can play it on mobile I can say it's worth the wait. It's really fun.


Great game, enjoyed it more than I expected

Really cool and beautiful but balance is a bit off


I loved this one! I'm a sucker for roguelike elements and the turn based style of your game really hit a sweet spot of challenge without being frustrating. Definitely gonna give it another go on Normal and mess with the palettes!


Hey thanks for making the video, I love watching people play!:) When you were fighting the boss and you tried to hit it with singularity but it fell just short of where it needed to be to make the kill, I felt that deep in my soul. Thanks again!


An RPG roguelite streamlined down to a press of a button and good aim. What a lovely game, although some of the designs could use some work. Some weapons and items are a little too strong or too situational to be of any use. But overall, I loved the time I've spent playing the game.


This was great! I could actually see it as the core combat system for a longer game, maybe Undertale or Paper Mario style..

Did you take some inspiration from Downwell? That's my favorite game and this one scratched that same itch.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!:) I did take a bunch of inspiration from Downwell, in fact the whole idea for this game was conceived by me asking myself "I wonder what Downwell would be like if it was turn-based?"

are you going to include the android version on the downloads page?

It's already there! Unless you mean like, the raw .apk file? In that case, unfortunately no, you'll have to get it separately on Google Play if you want the Android version. But I feel like it's worth the $3 :)


I won't lie, I picked this out of the bundle because of the sheer confusion the genre choices gave me, but having played a level or two? the dev pulls it off, and fantastically. Can't wait to play more, and really glad I picked it up.


its so cute and nice1 love it ♥

Thank you so much, I appreciate the kind words:)


I hope to see your newest work soon!

Thank you!:) I think I'll be posting stuff on Twitter fairly soon about my next project!


It's a fabolous game!

Thank you!:)

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I just completed the game after getting it in the racial bundle, and it was truly fun! The concept is very cool and the game is really charming with the monsters and the music :)

It will be even better when ported to Android and iOS, this seems like a great idea for a mobile game if touchscreen control is precise enough. I will replay it in my smartphone for sure!

Thank you for playing it, I'm glad that you had a good time playing!:) I definitely designed it from the start with mobile in mind, as you can probably tell from the resolution haha but yes I'm excited to release on mobile!

Great little game with a unique mechanic that is expanded upon really well :) Love the aesthetic and game feel too!

Just wondering if it was a design choice to have multiple hits of piercing beams (when using the clone) not do more damage, or a byproduct or making piercing weapons only hit once?

Looking forward to the future update!

Thank you very much I'm glad you enjoyed it!:) I wouldn't really call that a design choice, but it is something I'm aware of. It just works that way because of how enemy invincibility frames are coded, and I couldn't really think of a better way to do it lol

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Awesome game! Not sure if it was luck but the lightning skill carried the whole game :)

Looking forward to new content/dlc or a new game!

Also is the soundtrack available somewhere? :D


Thank you!:) If you want to download the soundtrack, if you look in the game folder you can find "attribution.txt" which has links to all the different songs!

This game rules! Surprised I'd never heard of it before


Thank you!:) I'm not surprised lol my marketing budget was $0!


Such an amazing game! The style, the colors, the music, the SUPER CLEVER gameplay & the absurdly creepy tone shift when you reach the 4th world - love it so much! Also thank you for supporting racial justice and equality <3

Thank you!:) I'm so glad you enjoyed my game, and that you appreciated the mild horror haha nobody else has commented on that! And of course, it was an amazing opportunity to add my game to the bundle and contribute to the fight for racial equality and justice!


Fantastically fun game! Looking forward to Android :)

Thank you so much!:) I'm looking forward to it too haha


I really really dug this gem of a game. If this was on Android I would easily pay to snatch it up in heartbeat.


Thank you!:) Good news, it'll be coming to Android pretty soon!


Very cool concept for RPG battle mechanics and neat game in its own right. As it is, you can win after getting the hang of it in a few tries and it offers replayability by allowing you to unlock a few different color skins, which is a perfectly fine motivation for this type of game. As for mechanics: You choose an area on the screen you want to shoot at, pick your preferred shot, wait for the right moment and then shoot. Simple, but surprisingly enjoyable.The variety is amplified by different shot types and bonusses you might find during a run, which are all genuinely fun to figure out and use. After your turn, you will need to deflect the attacks of your enemies that come in a variety of different patterns. Its all rather refreshing really and I could easily see this as a core mechanic in an Undertale/Paper Mario style RPG. 3,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:


Great game and had fun playing it! Definitely should expand on the content within the game ex: adding more bosses, different weapons and abilities, etc. but overall really fun game and hope to see it expand in the future


You absolutely should update the game with more content for just make a sequel that expands on everything & is more ambitious. Amazing concept, great sound, charming graphics and of course I love it as a Downwell player. Though, if you do make a sequel, consider expanding on the graphics.


Fun little game. The duplication item is overpowered, but it's a lot of fun. Has a lot of space for expanding.


This is JUICY! The sounds and graphics are so rich. Wow. Quite a fun and creative game. Loving it!


Thank you very very much!:) It makes me very happy that you enjoyed my game so much!


Huge respect to you for making such a great little game! I just keep coming back to it, even with so much other choice from that bundle!


Thank you so much, hearing stuff like this makes it worth all the work!:)


This is a pretty great game. I did notice two things that I think could stand to be a little better:

1) If a hornet is the last enemy on the screen and kills itself by firing its stinger, that screen doesn't end until you take an action. I've used this to get some free reloads, but I think it might be a bug.

2) So far, I've played it on two keyboards, a trackpad, and a mouse, and how well blocking works varies heavily based off what I'm using. I think the timing could stand to be a little more forgiving? I might just be a bad - I usually die by the end of the Coast, and I haven't managed to kill the shopkeeper yet.

Other than that? You did a fantastic job.

Anyway, I recorded a couple of runs: 


Thanks for playing, and thanks for the video! It stresses me out watching people play my game haha but it's also a lot of fun at the same time. The bee thing I noticed after launch and it'll be fixed in the next build, woopsie! I'm not really sure what to say about the blocking, I know that my trackpad was quite shit at blocking so I always used my mouse, but unfortunately I only have so much control over the inputs that get passed to the game so that's probably why you're getting such different results!

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