Gun Rounds Android/iOS Now Available!

Exciting news: Gun Rounds is now available for preorder on iOS!!

Also, it's available for straight-up purchase on Android!

You can click the top link above to preorder the game for $2.99 USD on iOS, and it'll be installed on your device automatically on August 2nd when it's released!:) You can also click the Android link to download it for Android, since I messed up and didn't get the release dates to quite sync up. This is super exciting ya'll, it's been a long road and now I can relax and rake in my $5-6 (after taxes of course)! 

If you already own the PC version (which you probably do, since you're seeing this), the updated PC version will be released on August 2nd with the iOS version, along with a Mac version! The update will contain the following features (which are also present on the mobile version):

  • Double the amount of special items in the game! Spawn a bubble shield to protect you, learn ninjutsu and retaliate when you take damage, make a dark contract with a Demon Skull as the conduit, and much more!
  • 7 new weapons! Spawn a black hole with Singularity, fire a sweeping beam with Sweep, and other fun stuff!
  • A new game mode unlocked after beating the mysterious final boss!
  • Lots of quality of life fixes and changes to make the overall experience more enjoyable:)

That's about it! 

Here's a cute GIF of me trying not to get destroyed in the Crypt. Note the new weapon, Sweep! It's a fun one!

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Instant buy! Got this during the big bundle and was eagerly awaiting the mobile version
Edit: you should share the game to r/androidgaming. 

Thank you so much!:) I hope you enjoy the mobile version! I was thinking about it, but reddit's self-promotion rules confuse me lol but maybe I'll just have to post there, and if it gets taken down, oh well?

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You'll have to beat the boss to find out B-)