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Hey everybody, at long last the Gun Rounds update is now available for PC/Mac, AND it's out for iOS/Android! I've updated the PC/Mac versions of the game on the page as well, so you can download those to get the new content! Note that booting up the new version will delete any save file you currently have (sorry about that) but it should keep any progress you've made towards palette unlocking. Also, for OSx users, please be aware that you'll have to go through a few extra steps to get the game working on your computer, because Apple doesn't like people distributing apps outside of their own store. There's a readme in the zip folder that will help you:) It's really simple I promise!

Anyway, let me take a moment to highlight the new features you'll be getting:

  • Double the amount of special items in the game! Spawn a bubble shield to protect you, learn ninjutsu and retaliate when you take damage, make a dark contract with a Demon Skull as the conduit, and much more!
  • 7 new weapons! Spawn a black hole with Singularity, fire a sweeping beam with Sweep, and other fun stuff!
  • A new game mode unlocked after beating the mysterious final boss!
  • More varied rewards from shopkeep fight (also it's HARDER)
  • Lots of quality of life fixes and changes to make the overall experience more enjoyable:)

One more notable change is that aiming now works in reverse of how it originally worked, so keep that in mind! By that, I mean you first choose your weapon, THEN aim. I switched this up because after watching some lets play videos, I realized  that a lot of people were just instinctively trying to choose a skill before aiming. I think it feels better!

It's been a long road on Gun Rounds development, so thank you all for your supportive comments and reviews! I'm planning on adding at least one more major content update to Gun Rounds that will probably be even more significant than the one I just released! It'll have new room types, new enemies, new items and weapons, new BOSSES?! And a special secret shop...

Again, thank you for your support:) it means a lot to me!


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Aug 02, 2020
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Aug 02, 2020
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Aug 02, 2020

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new basically everything including bosses?





I loved this game, so I am super excited to return to it now that there's more content! 

Quick question: Have you considered adding a toggle-able setting for which aiming scheme to use, so that players can choose between the old aim-first controls and the new gun-first controls, in case some people liked the old gameplay better? I have no idea how hard that would be implement, though.

Also, I'll definitely check it out on mobile! This game is a great way to pass the time. :)


Hey there, I'm glad that you've been enjoying the game so much! I hope that if you do get it on mobile you enjoy it just as much:) Personally, I'd say although it is a bit harder on mobile (even though I didn't actually change any projectile speeds or anything, it just feels harder somehow), it definitely suites the game best!

Anyway, as far as the toggle goes... I hadn't actually considered that, but honestly unless a lot of people request it, I probably won't add it, just because settings menu real estate is very precious so I need to only include the most vital settings haha. I could always add a second page or something if it's a popular request though, we'll see!  

Very cool! Will the .APK be available here soon?

Nope, if you'd like to have it on mobile you'll have to buy it from the play/app store. But personally I think it's worth the $3, mobile is really where the game belongs!