More minor bugfixes

Hey everyone!  I've finally gotten the chance to fix a few minor bugs in Gun Rounds. Here are the main ones, if you're curious about this kind of thing:

  • Best time is now saved properly (before it wouldn't save unless the player already had a previous record)
  • Magazine popup now displays proper symbol (ammo icon instead of gun icon)
  • Contract now applies to extant enemies when player picks it up (only really relevant for the shopkeep fight)

I've submitted the update to Apple/Google, so it'll show up on those platforms whenever they approve it!


Gun Rounds PC - zip 15 MB
Sep 07, 2021
Gun Rounds PC - exe 28 MB
Sep 07, 2021
Gun Rounds OSx - zip 21 MB
Sep 07, 2021
Gun Rounds OSx - dmg 20 MB
Sep 07, 2021

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