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I found a few little bugs over the last few days, so I've gone ahead and updated the game files here (and also submitted updates on Apple/Google Play ). If you happen to notice any, please feel free to comment on the game page or any of the devlogs, or hit up my Twitter @blabberf!

Here's a list of the fixed bugs/tweaks for those of you that are interested:

-fixed a bug with final boss's hard mode attack if player had Contract item

-Clone Pod will now synergize properly with Asclepius and Totem

-fixed bug where  Asclepius + Totem prevents player from dying

-enemy damage popup x values now stay where they should be

-fixed bug where Crank would sometimes not fire in the direction the player originally aimed

-Trick Chest explosions no longer only create 1 hit effect if spawned when no enemies are around

-player turn animation fixed when picking up an item from shopkeep if they didn't also pick up an item in the same turn that they defeated the shopkeep enemy

-critical hit popups are now clamped to stay within view border

-Infernal enemy flames are now white if spawned on a dark background

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good work :-)

Thanks, I try haha :)


Thats the most we can evr ask :3